Live Well – Navigating and Coping with Menopause Group – starting 23/01/23

The group will take place from Monday 23rd of January, from 12:30 – 14:00, weekly for six weeks.

The course is facilitated by an IAPT Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) and Health and Wellbeing Coach, and is offered to clients experiencing low mood, anxiety or adjustment relating to menopause via Zoom, and will offer 6 sessions (1.5 hours duration) of combined Guided Self-Help based CBT and Health and Wellbeing Support. Please see the Live Well Menopause Group Therapy poster for more information.

This is what people have had to say about the group:

  • “You felt you were not alone & it felt nice to be able to be part of a group with shared experiences.”
  • “I felt like everyone else understood my problems and I didn’t feel foolish for my anxiety.”
  • “was really helpful – to understand the physiological changes and the impact on our bodies + what we can do to help ourselves”
  • “Been a really positive experience, and to know I have the tools in my back pocket should i need them,”
  • “I am grateful. Very grateful to have had such a lovely therapist and also to the women who were very open. Helped me feel less anxious knowing there were others in the same boat as me.”